Roof Lanterns brighten up the dullest winter day

When considering improving your home with a roof lantern, it is very easy to close your eyes and imagine looking up through your new lantern at a beautiful blue spring sky. Or relaxing in your favourite room with a glorious summer sunset lighting the room with a golden glow on a late summer evening. And roof lanterns certainly do enhance your enjoyment of the warmer months; making the most of the longer daylight hours, yet helping to keep your room at a pleasant temperature with innovative features such as ventilation panels.

But what about the winter months?

Some may have concerns that a roof lantern might not be such an appealing feature during the duller, colder winter period. Will a roof lantern make your room too cold? Or too expensive to keep warm? Will it stand up to the battering of winter storms every year?

The UltraSky uPVC and aluminium roof lanterns we supply are designed and built to easily cope with the harshest weather conditions, and bring healthy natural light straight into your room even on those dark winter days.

  • Natural light to brighten up the dullest days. Both the uPVC and aluminium UltraSky roof lanterns feature slim uncluttered frames. These sleek frame designs allow for the largest possible glazed area to ensure the maximum amount of natural light can come straight into the centre of your room. So even when the skies are overcast, your room will be naturally well lit, reducing the need to switch the lights on during the daytime.
  • Keeping you warm and snug throughout the winter. While the glazing on an UltraSky lantern will let the maximum amount of light into the room, it is also very good at keeping the warmth from going out. Fully aware that precious heat can easily be lost through a roof, UltraSky only fit the highest quality double glazing to effectively insulate your room and keep it warm. Both the uPVC and aluminium frames used are also very thermally efficient and waterproof; minimising heat loss and keeping the cold and damp out. And if a storm is blowing outside, the superb glazing on your roof lantern minimises outside noise for some much needed peace and quiet on a stormy night.
  • Built to weather any storm. Though the UltraSky roof lanterns may appear sleek and slim, don’t be fooled into thinking that they won’t easily cope with the worst of the British weather. Year after year, through storm force winds, driving rain, frost, snowfall or baking sunlight; the uPVC and aluminium frames will not rot, warp or rust. They will remain a hard-working and attractive feature of your home for many years to come.

On those dreary grey winter days when you really don’t want to go outside, an UltraSky roof lantern will give you all the benefits of natural light and that sense of wide open space – but without having to leave the cosy comfort of your favourite room.