Aluminium Roof Lanterns

Our beautiful Korniche Roof Lanterns have been skilfully designed to provide unbeatable strength and superb performance, but without the unsightly chunky frames and supporting bars which many competitor products have.

Korniche Roof Lanterns feature sleek 40mm frames with components which are up to 70% thinner than traditional roof lantern designs. These gorgeous roof lanterns are an incredibly stylish addition to any home with their sleek elegant and uncluttered lines.

And this slim design ensures the greatest amount of natural light will flood into your room, making it brighter and feel more spacious.

The high-performance glazing and seals used in the SuperSlim Lanterns work to ensure your favourite room is at a comfortable temperature all year round while also reflecting unwanted solar glare and minimising condensation.

Our SuperSlim Roof lanterns give you the choice of different thermally efficient glazing options coupled with solar control self-cleaning double glazing.

The impressive energy efficiency these lanterns provide is witnessed by the incredibly low “U-Values” they are rated with. Depending on the glazing option you choose, SuperSlim lanterns deliver U-values of only 1.2-1.5 W/m2K, easily outperforming leading competitors (which are typically rated at over 3W/m2K).

The beautifully simple uncluttered design of the SuperSlim Roof Lantern will enhance any room or building, whether a contemporary home, or a more traditional / period building.

The aluminium components are also available in over 200 RAL colours so you can match or complement your room’s colour scheme perfectly.


Strength through elegant design

Don’t be fooled by their slim frames and sleek lines, these SuperSlim Roof Lanterns are probably the strongest lanterns available in the UK. Superior design, high-quality materials and build ensure your roof lantern is robust enough to easily shrug off the worst of the British weather, year after year.

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