uPVC Roof Lantern

Installing a Roof Lantern: Your questions answered

The popularity of adding a roof lantern to a property shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. Homeowners across the country can easily appreciate their appeal; the way they bring natural light into a room, instantly making the home look brighter and feel more spacious, not to mention how they create an attractive feature to any home both inside and out.

There are some very common questions we get asked by homeowners considering buying a roof lantern for the first time, and we shall try to answer a few of them in this article.


Where can I install a roof lantern?

Pretty much any type of property can benefit from a roof lantern. They make an attractive addition to both residential and commercial properties, modern homes and traditional houses, apartment buildings and bungalows. Furthermore, you will see them in all types of rooms too; kitchens and dining rooms, orangeries, extensions and converted garages, and they are perfect for a living room or home office too.

Do bear in mind that roof lanterns are generally designed to be installed onto parts of a building with a flat roof rather than a pitched (sloped) roof. However, it is possible to add a roof lantern to a pitched roof if the roof has a flat area within it, or fitted along the ridge of a pitched roof.


Can I install a roof lantern myself? Or do I need a professional installer?

All the roof lanterns we supply are fully checked before they leave the factory and delivered direct to your door; complete with full detailed installation instructions. As such, there is no reason an accomplished and experienced DIY enthusiast with decent carpentry skills shouldn’t be able to successfully install a roof lantern themselves. For anyone else however, we would always recommend leaving the installation to a professional.

Although we are a supply-only company, we do offer a roof lantern installation service in most areas of the country. Drawing on our network of trusted, qualified and experienced professionals in your area, you can ensure your new roof lantern is installed quickly to the highest standards and with the minimum of disruption, complete with an insurance backed 10-year warranty for additional peace of mind.


Roof Lantern Installation


Do I need planning permission for a roof lantern?

For homeowners in England and Wales, the question of whether alterations to your roof require planning permission boils down to whether the work involved can be considered as “Permitted Development” (PD). In short, planning permission is required if the work on your roof involves any of the following points:

  • The roof lantern you want occupies a large area of your roof; beyond what is considered a ‘reasonable’ size.
  • You are fitting a roof lantern to a listed building or a building within a designated area (e.g. a National Park or conservation area).
  • A so-called Article 4 Direction, or other planning condition, is in place for the area you live in. This will require you to submit an application, even if the work wouldn’t need it elsewhere.
  • The roof lantern projects beyond the roof plane by more than 15cm.


That final point alone pretty much guarantees that you will indeed require planning permission to install a roof lantern on your home. Luckily the process of applying for planning permission can all be done online now, via the government’s Planning Portal website; which also has lots of useful information about planning permission and building regulations that may affect your home improvement projects.

Of course, we are always more than happy to talk to you about any questions or concerns you may have about adding a roof lantern to your home. So please feel free to get in touch.