Slim-line Bi Fold Doors delivered Nationwide

With their wide glass panels and elegant concertina-style construction, bi fold doors are the perfect way to really open up your home to your outside environment.

Adding value to your home with their contemporary style, they provide unparalleled views of and access to your garden and make your home instantly feel bigger, airier and brighter as more natural light floods into the room.

This merging of house and garden is further helped by the low or recessed thresholds which our bi fold doors offer. For doors going out into a garden, a low threshold of just 52mm means there is no annoying large step to cross when going in and out of the house. Indeed, for bi fold doors opening onto a deck or patio, or separating adjoining rooms, the threshold can be made completely flush with the floor level, meaning the two spaces can merge completely seamlessly.

Bi fold doors can even be installed on two adjoining walls. Arranged in an L-shape separated by a supporting column, this can really open up your house with a dramatic feeling of extra space and light.

Ensuring your room is perfectly cool all year round

Bi fold doors will not only instantly make your home brighter, but will work hard to keep your room at the perfect temperature throughout the year.

All our uPVC and aluminium bi fold doors come with StayCool double glazing fitted as standard. Rated with an impressive low U-Value of just 1.0 W/m2K, these doors will keep your home well insulated, and those energy bills down.

But the StayCool glazing also works to keep your room at a comfortable temperature on those warmer days too. Blocking harmful UV rays, reducing glare by 35% and direct solar heating by 57%, these bi fold doors ensure your room never becomes overheated on a summer day either.

High-security locking systems for complete peace of mind

All our bi fold doors feature highly-secure shoot bolt or multi-point hook bolt locking systems. Fully-concealed and tamper-proof, they will deter even the most determined intruders.

Many homeowners choose to include a “traffic” door within their bi folding doors. Opening just like a regular door, a traffic door offers quick and easy everyday access to the outside and features the same secure locking systems as the main bifold door.

Easy to install bi fold doors

With clear full instructions, our bi fold doors should be quick and straightforward to install for the competent DIY enthusiast. Alternatively, ask about our supply and fit service. Available in most parts of the UK we can work with our wide network of trusted professionals to have your beautiful new bi fold doors installed quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

We offer both uPVC bi fold doors and aluminium bi fold doors.

Alternatively, more traditional patio doors may be a better solution for your home.

uPVC Bi Fold

Aluminium Bi Fold